Fortune Gems 3

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  • Publish Time: 2024.04
  • Max Win: 12125x
  • Winning frequency: Medium-High
  • Winning amount: Low-Medium
  • Type of game: slot
  • Special Features: The opportunity to receive a multiplier with each victory.
  • Paylines: 5 Lines
  • Supported: Window / Android / IOS / HTML5


Fortune Gems 3 is a slot game featuring a 3×3 grid and one special reel. Its main feature is that with each spin, the special reel reveals a multiplier symbol. When you win, your prize is multiplied by this multiplier, which can reach up to 15 times. During gameplay, you’ll notice symbols occasionally splitting. When they split into 2 or 3, it means your winnings will be multiplied again by 2 or 3 respectively. This is a slot game with bonuses reaching up to a maximum of 10,125 times your bet.

JILI-slot-Fortune Gems 3-main-game
JILI-slot-Fortune Gems 3-main-game

Game Rule

WILD symbol

It appears on all reels and substitutes for all symbols.

Win Multiplier

  1. The fourth reel is the Win Multiplier Wheel, where only multiplier symbols appear.
  2. The multiplier symbol appears randomly with each spin.
  3. All winning payouts are multiplied by the multiplier in the center of the wheel.
  4. Six multipliers available: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x.

Split Symbol

  1. Each symbol has its own split symbol.
  2. A split of 2 or 3 indicates that the winning line receives a split reward multiplier of 2x or 3x.
  3. In the extra bet mode: the symbols transformed by the special reel will always be split symbols.

Extra Bet

  1. An additional 50% of the bet is required to pay for the Extra Bets.
  2. Bet amount and Bet mode can be switched anytime during the game.
  3. Greatly chance with high multiplier symbol by Extra Bet Mode.
  4. Winning score in Extra bet mode = Odds x Bet amount x Split reward multiplier / (5 x 1.5).

Pay Line

  1. This is a 3×3 slot machine with an additional special reel, and there are 5 fixed paylines.
  2. All winning symbols pay from left to right on selected paylines.
  3. Only the highest win is paid on each payline.
  4. Regular bet winnings = Odds x Bet amount x Split reward multiplier / 5.
  5. Extra bet winnings = Odds x Bet amount x Split reward multiplier / (5 x 1.5).
  6. When winning on multiple paylines, all wins are added to the total win.
  7. RTP = 97.00%.
Fortune Gems 3-payline
Fortune Gems 3-payline

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