Trial of Phoenix

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  • Publish Time: 2024.03
  • Max Win: 10000x
  • Winning frequency: Low-Medium
  • Winning amount: Medium-High
  • Type of game: slot
  • Special Features:
    1. Accumulate winning symbols to unlock the board
    2. The maximum disk expansion is 15625Ways
    3. Free game upgrades with winning symbols
  • Paylines: 729~15625 Ways
  • Supported: Window / Android / IOS / HTML5


In the Trial of Phoenix slot game, the exhilarating Phoenix Rebirth feature, activated during free games, not only enriches the gameplay experience but also significantly increases the chances of winning. With an attractive RTP of 97% and medium-to-high volatility, the game offers a fantastic opportunity to win big prizes. Players can customize the number of spins through the auto-spin feature. Moreover, during gameplay, winning symbols are retained while others are eliminated and new ones added. As winning symbols accumulate, Paylines expand progressively from 729 ways to an astonishing 15,625 Paylines. During free games, at the end of each round, a winning symbol is randomly selected and upgraded, providing additional chances to win, much like the rebirth of a Phoenix, bringing you victory time and again.

JILI-slot-game-Trial of Phoenix-game-main-game
JILI-slot-game-Trial of Phoenix-game-main-game

Game Rule

SCATTER symbol

  1. This is the SCATTER symbol. It appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the main game.
  2. Up to 10 SCATTERS may land in a main game. SCATTERS are paid as follows regardless of their position:
    • 4 SCATTER symbols reward 5x payout.
    • 5 SCATTER symbols reward 10x payout.
    • 6 SCATTER symbols reward 15x payout.
    • 7 SCATTER symbols reward 20x payout.
    • 8 SCATTER symbols reward 25x payout.
    • 9 SCATTER symbols reward 30x payout.
    • 10 SCATTER symbols reward 35x payout.

Cascading Reels

In every spin, all winning symbols including SCATTERS will remain on reels while non-winning symbols will disappear. All remaining symbols will fall to the bottom and a new set of symbols will be put in. If more and more same-family symbols have been added to an existing or new winning combination, these symbols along with SCATTERS will remain on reels for another cascading. When no symbol contributes to an existing or new winning combination, the cascading ends, and winnings are calculated.

Trial of Phoenix Slot Paytable

Layout Expansion

  1. Initial Expansion: During both the main game and free spins, when the total count of winning symbols and SCATTERS hits 12 or more during cascading, the game board welcomes an additional row on top, transitioning to a 4 x 6 layout. This expansion unlocks 4096 winning pathways, enhancing players’ winning potential.
  2. Further Expansion: Continuing in both game modes, once the collective tally of winning symbols and SCATTERS reaches 18 or more amid cascading, the game layout is further augmented by two additional rows at the top. This elevates the grid to a 5 x 6 configuration, offering a staggering 15625 ways to win, significantly increasing the chances for substantial rewards.
  3. Reset Mechanism: After the completion of each spin, the game board resets to its original 3 x 6 grid layout, featuring 729 winning combinations. This reset prepares the stage for players to again aim for the thrilling expansions and the vast winning opportunities they bring.

This approach not only enhances the anticipation and excitement with each spin but also seamlessly introduces the game’s dynamic expansion feature, promising a continually refreshing and potentially rewarding gameplay experience.

Free Game

  1. In the main game, landing 4 or more SCATTER symbols will trigger a free game with 8 spins. SCATTER symbols will not appear in a free game. A free game cannot be triggered twice.
  2. In Free Games, at the end of each Cascade, one of the winning symbols on the reels will be randomly upgraded to another symbol. If there are identical and unlocked symbols on the reels, another Cascade with prizes can occur. This feature can be triggered once per round at most!

Pay Line

Embark on a thrilling journey with a slot that opens with 729 ways to win across a 3-row, 6-column grid. As the adventure unfolds, these columns have the potential to stretch up to 5 rows, dramatically increasing your winning avenues to a whopping 15,625.

  1. Direction of Payout: All symbols pay from left to right across the active paylines, ensuring straightforward and intuitive win recognition.
  2. Highest Win Rule: For each payline, only the highest win is awarded, optimizing your payout for each spin.
  3. Calculating Winnings: Your win amount is the product of the odds and your bet amount, a simple formula that multiplies your opportunities.
  4. Cumulative Wins: When luck strikes on multiple lines, all wins are added together, amplifying your triumph.
  5. Consistent Bets: Bets during free games remain unchanged from those that triggered the bonus, maintaining consistency in your strategy.
  6. Fair Play Assurance: In the event of a malfunction, rest assured that all plays and pays are voided to preserve fairness. Should a feature game encounter issues, the system will automatically resolve the next game and ensure deserved rewards are granted. In cases where gameplay is interrupted post-bet acceptance and the outcome cannot be altered, the initial results stand, guaranteeing fairness.
  7. Return to Player (RTP): With an RTP of 97%, this slot not only promises exciting gameplay but also offers a high return, enhancing your chances for rewarding sessions.

This slot experience is designed to immerse you in a dynamic game of chance, where each spin can unfold a new array of possibilities, all within a framework that values fairness and excitement equally.

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